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jurassic park

  • Michael CRICHTON ? I'm fan !

    En préalable, vous trouvez sur la page intitulée "index thèmes blog" les thèmes qui me paraissent les plus importants avec les jours où les trouvez, non classés pour l'instant en alphabétique.  

    Yes I'am fan, a true fan of this very able colleague, a physician like me.
    My great regard for Michael is based upon his gifts.
    Here  they are:

    1. Michael has been an american student working hard for the obtaining of his MD (1969, Harvard).
    Yes. He was not being a doctor who practises in a town. But he made a good use of his knowledge  in writing and publishing his first book....with
    an assumed name !
    In the bargain, Michael is a very attractive boy.

    2. I am full of admiration for Michael because he has ben able to charm his readers with real or imaginary scientific narratives.
    For example a novel as "Jurassic Park"  was  appearing as true as true...  So Jurassic Park,  as a book (1992) and as a film (1993), was a Crichton's bestseller.
    Timeline (1999)  is a novel where Yale and Dordogne are mixed with astonishing daring !
    Another example  is "State of Fear" which was published in 2004 ; this book is  bound to warming planet.  In "State of Fear" Michael Chrichton is relating a lot
    of scientific opinions which are generating a great deal of questions.

    3. Michael Crichton has taken my fancy at once. And by Net I was no surprised when  I was meeting  numerous scientific men having  relations with him.
    Michael is a very skill man because he is  holding multiples informations. And he is very pleasant to read.

    4. Michael ventures to say his inmost thoughts about ecology. Consequently in first time he was receiving admonishments because he was not speaking
    in the "politically correct way"; but after that he was heard with serious.
    We must keep in mind that  systematically  Michael Crichton was learning numerous subjects  as computers, anthropology, etc... he was staying  at  La Jolla, at
    MIT etc... He was  creator of ER for television, etc... In 2002 a ankylosaur was named Crichtonsaurus bohlini ! 

     We must love "our mother  earth". We must not forget that "our earth" is disposing of own sheer strengths: active volcanoes, drifting continents, meteorites
     falls... So the man power is a lilliputian thing !

    In short,  Michael Crichton is giving us knowledge, pleasure, dream, thougt, etc...

    Young ! Let's go ! Let's believe in us ! Micheal is an exemplary man who is a possible model.
    Young, have you read  Next  (2006) about genetics and law ? 

    contact: francoiseboisseau@wanadoo.fr