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  • Barack OBAMA'08

    Cet après-midi réunion organisée par Arash Derambarsh av. Georges V à propos de la candidature de Barack OBAMA. Présence de supporters d'OBAMA et des médias de pointe.

    Questions variées diverses. Avec une intervention soulignant le fait de l'appartenance du candidat à 3 continents différents de par ses racines, ce qui peut aider beaucoup

    Personnellement j'ai noué de nouveaux liens au sein d'un public de qualité.  

    De suite j'indique une réunion pour soutenir OBAMA qui se tiendra: Feb 5 / American Church / 12 PM - 10 PM ainsi que: http://barackobama.meetup.com/165

    Je rapporte ici ce qui a été proposé quant aux Raisons de Voter pour Barack OBAMA.

                   Reasons to Vote for Barack OBAMA


    His judgement on foreign affairs and security is solid and is consistent with what is necessary in today's political landscape. He had the good judgement to be against the Iraq War from the very beginning, even when it was very popular to support it. That position could have cost him his Senate bid, but he stuck with it and he was right. He takes positions based on principles, not poll tested positions.


    When he finished Harward Law schol where he was president of the Harvard Law review, he could have easily taken a job on Wall Street and become a millionaire. Instead, he took a 12 000 dollars a year job to be a community organizer, helping people who'd lost their jobs in the poor neighborhoods of Chicago. He has great judgement and great experience helping real Americans. Il was also Senator OBAMA who led the successful effort in the Senate to pass the most comprehensive ethics and lobbying reform bill since Watergate. That bill strictly banned gifts and meals from lobbyists, and the use of corporate jets. He has worked his entire political career for transparency and honesty in government.


    Through his eloquence and powerful speechs he has presented a vision that is bringing together people from all walks of life and political persuasions. He will take us beyond the divisive politics of the past. His leadership will bring change, both because of who he is and how he will govern. Even people from around the world are responding to his message and look forward to an America with Barack OBAMA as President. This alone will help to heal the damage done by the Bush years. This message has been echoed by the many supporters of Sen. OBAM including Sen. Edward KENNEDY, Caroline KENNEDY and many others.


    He has experience both in government and the broader public sector. His skills working with regular people and politicians to achieve results are unmatched. OBAMA = 12 years in elective office, while that CLINTON = 8 years and EDWARDS = 6 years.


    It has been proven in many national polls, recently by USA Today and Gallup, that Senator OBAMA is the most electable Democrat in the race today. He was the only Democrat polled to beat Republicans and as OBAMA's win in the Iowa Caucuses clearly showed, he strongly attracts Independents and Republicans. Hillary CLINTON in polls has shown that she has the hightest negatives of any candidate, 50% of Americans have said that under no circumstances would they ever vote for Hillary Clinton. We want to support a winner and he's clearly our best chance.

    Approfondissez le sens d'un certain vent neuf avec Barack OBAMA, les jeunes.  Ce candidat est aussi  un homme de compassion.

    contact: francoiseboisseau@wanadoo.fr