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children's rights

  • CALI, a singer, and DATI, a Minister

    CALI, a singer, and DATI, a Minister

    CALI and DATI: 2 names  in alphabetical order.
    CALI and DATI: 2 powers in meeting. DATI, a woman Minister of Justice, on the hand; CALI, a man - a real man - who invests heart, gift and energy in disrespected children's service, on the other hand.
    CALI, a famous singer, is also a 2 children's father with a family and a beautiful  native region where he is living.
    By the musical way CALI is valorizing the importance of the heart, of the strenght of a group of people and  the freedom.
    These natural wealths are  leading  CALI to build up an association called "L'Amour Parfait" (="The Perfect Love") in harmony with his brothers and sisters and friends from Vernet-les-Bains near Perpignan, France, city where CALI is born in 28th june 1968.
    "L'Amour Parfait" is become a partner of the association "Les Papas = Les Mamans" ("The Fathers=The Mothers"). "Les Papas = Les Mamans",
     or  lplm (the fathers= the mothers, or tftm) is in hard battle to win the fathers having a continuous and soft place in children's heart as much as  the mothers; this as often as that a divorce or a separation or other event  is breaking  the life of  a child or children less 18 years old.

    In clear, CALI and "L'Amour Parfait" are sustaining  "Les Papas=Les Mamans" against the injustices towards children and fathers created by
    a thing called justice. Yes !
    The celebrity  of  CALI  has allowed  CALI and Gérard REVEREND (the lplm chairman) to do a  serious step with Rachida DATI. Recently , CALI
    and G. Reverend have been received by Mrs DATI at  Law Office at 15H00 10 th marsh 2008. The aim of the meeting consisted in making "humanization" in case of separations. In particular spare children and fathers trouble to be disunite... for ever !

    CALI , a very good father for his children,  is having  compassion on children become "fatherless"  thereby. Because "condemn" a child to live without a father is equal to comdemn a child  to live as his father was died ! This is a sadistic legal disposition ! An ashamed state of things ! 

    In addition, CALI has wrotten a song called "Le droit des pères" (The fathers right) which  is enclosed in the album "L'Espoir" (The Hope) golden disc since february 2008, several days only after its coming out.
    Here are the words put on the rights of  fathers became "childrenless", these words say the thruth, even if they can shocked ! Unfortunately
    I - woman, doctor,  mother and grandmother - certify that the song says true !

    "Fathers' Rights

    To the devil with my pride, on my bended knees I beg All I want is that Justice becomes a bit more fair this time. To the devil with my pride, on my bended knees I beg  Because Justice was too fait this time.
    It's a tragedy a new step backwards Their biased murderous Justrice Deliberatlley placing it's fat arse on the Father's Right's
    Il's a tragedy a new race the wrong way round Justice deliberately placing it's fat arse on the Father's Right's
    If  I write to you today my son, from my night
    It is because you should know that if I have lost Everything  like a dog, I fought for my night to Love you as a Father can love. They have  let me wander without you. In my anger they have once again Taken the Father's Rights.
    They have left us aside like two dusters and shit to the Father's  rights If I write to you today it's because you must know that they only left me The right to call out your name to the wind I lost the most important battle, To see you growing every day my son.
    We are millions of father's with our faces pressed against the ground, In this prison, in this rap trap, in this misery, millions crying to lady justice Take  off the blindfold and see millions begging for father's rights.
    Do I go back into my night. NO. I won't leave you. NO, to watch you from afar is my only right I'll always have one hand on my heart the other on you shoulder, I'll come and see you in the distance At the school exit.
    My love, they won't take away from me, not them, not your poor mother My father's Eyes
    My love know that my hands will be torn on the iron fence, the money machine that they call Justice The old whore to who I piss on.
    Il the depths of my anger I want to commit murder, I have no bombs, No that disgusts me There is nothing lower you know than those who tear at the legs and the arms They will never tear away the heart from those you have not, you know, those who give us Crumbs of days for the two of us each month
    I want to commit murder at the depths of my prayers they have stolen my father's rights." 

    With english words there are the words in german "Recht der Väter", in italian  "il diritto dei padri", in netherlander  "HetRecht van Vaders", in polish "Prawa Ojca", in spanish  "El derecho de los padres", in arab, in French.
    Links to CALI:
    *official site: http://www.calimusic.fr
    *Cali's blog:  http://www.qui-se-soucie-de-moi.fr/blog/Cali/leblogdecali.php
    *list of concerts: http://www.infoconcert.com/html/artiste.php?id=26941
    *all the concerts on Asterios (official produceur of the Cali's spectacles): http://www.asterios.fr

    Links to Gérard Reverend, chairman of association "Les Papas=Les Mamans":
    *mobil: 06 07 55 83 71
    *E-mail: gerard.reverend@wanadoo.fr
    *web: http://www.lplm.asso.fr

    All things concerning the association  lplm are reproduced here  in agreement with lplm.

    I thank my brother for say to me Cali's action and the activity of the association lplm; I was in ignorance of lplm and Cali. And  however  I as they are working  in true  interest of the children.

    This blog that you are consulting, dear lectors,  has been created in favour of the less 18th years old generally,  not enough truly heard. Today, I lay the dates on this blog "prenonsla parole moins de 18 ans" (take the word less of 18th years old) when  I am saying the "sad" life of  unjustly  "enclosed" children.  The France, country of the human rights, is owning the ugly record and the painful honor to settle a great
    number of children ( about  135.000 )  in good physical,  mental and social health in inadequate places.  A great  number of these without history and glad children become S.D.F.(Sans Domicile Fixe = Without Home) when they are 18 years old ! Year after year, all these settled children are sustaining "psychological repeated rapes"and they are fed with lies. In 2007  Mr.Pierre NAVES, General Inspector at Health Ministry, has recognized on 30 th marsh that "A good half  - 70.000 children - would stay in their biologic family, the family where they are bornt !  ". Why a so great  cruelty ?

    Here are these dates:
    - 7 june 2007: Settled  children (Investigations  by  "Envoyé  Spécial", TV) (Enfants placés; émissionTélé d'Envoyé Spécial)
    -26 septembre 2007: The lost freedom of the settled children (La liberté peerdue des enfants placés)
    -18 october 2007: How can they dared ? (Comment ose-t-on ?)
    -14 november 2007: Settled wrongly children. (Enfants abusivement placés)
    -31 december 2007: Khrystel: settled children ! Mistake ! (Khrystel: enfants placés ! Abus !)
    -18 january 2008: Gaudard Khrystel: settled child ! (Gaudard Khrystel: enfant placé !)
    -26 january 2008: Twins 4 years old - a boy and a girl - in "dislove" !  (Jumeaux de 4 ans en désamour !)
    -29 february 2008: Settled twins 4 years old ! (Jumeaux 4 ans placés !)
    - 6 abril 2008: Cut off a son ! (Amputé d'un fils !)

    I am at your service, dear readers ! You can use my adress: francoiseboisseau@wanadoo.fr if ou want.  

    For you, less of 18 years old: vigilance and discernment ! And hope ! CALI, a great rugbyman before became a known singer, is in battle for help all the children who are without love by  false justice action !

    contact: francoiseboisseau@wanadoo.fr